Presenting our NEW Mobile App!


Costen & Associates is proud to announce that we have a NEW Mobile App available for our customers!

With today’s technology,  business and customer interaction is moving more and more towards on-line.  Although we still love to service our clients in person and put a face to a name, there are many of our clients who we’ve never met in person and our only interaction is via telephone or e-mail.  With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, we feel that in order to stay competitive and continue providing YOU, our customers, with excellent customer service, enhancing our on-line and mobile presence was a must!

As many of you know, Costen & Associates has a Facebook Page, Twitter account, and can also be found on LinkedIn.  In addition, we have made many recent improvements to our website to offer additional features such as on-line quoting and our informative Blog.  We are extremely excited about our newest endeavour, the smart phone Mobile App, which is available for iPhones, Androids, as well as Blackberrys.

With our new app you can…
  • Contact us by phone, email or web with the touch of a button.
  • Report Automobile Accidents using a simple form, ensuring no details get overlooked. You can even take photos of the accident!
  • Locate the nearest Collision Reporting Centre and Body Shop. – utilizing GPS, you can find what you’re looking for.
  • View Archived Accident Reports at any time.
  • Submit Property Claims quickly and easily, including photos, right from your phone.
  • Report Special Home Inventory Items, including descriptions, estimated value, and photos.

Please visit our website or click here for instructions on how to download our Mobile App… let’s get connected today!

Thank you!

The Costen & Associates Team