Welcome to our new Blog!


Costen & Associates would like to welcome you to our new Blog!  We are a group of friendly people, so why not take a friendly approach to business?  We are always looking for new ways to conduct business, and in today’s world, Social Media seemed like a the next logical direction for us to take.  

Our hope for our new Blog is to share helpful Insurance tips, Brokerage updates, upcoming events, and contest information, and any other information that we feel would be helpful or useful to you, our clients.  If you have any Insurance-related topics you would like to learn about, or products you would like more information on, please let us know at admin@costeninsurance.com and we would be happy to Blog about them. 

We hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better and learn something helpful about Insurance or managing your finances. We are doing our best to share relevant information in plain old English. Insurance doesn’t have to be impersonal or boring! 

Please stay tuned or subscribe to this blog to become part of the Costen & Associates crew. As a reminder, we are also on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.  The more, the merrier.

The Costen & Associates Team