The Importance of Winter Tires


Tires are one of the things on a vehicle that take the most beating, and they also pose a particularly big hazard should they fail. A bad blowout while driving on a slippery, icy road can cause you to spin out of control in a split second. Even those who are lucky enough to escape a serious blowout can suffer damages to the axle and wheel of their car, which can be expensive to repair.


Choosing the correct winter tire, and knowing when to replace them, can sometimes spell the difference between life and death. As a public safety reminder, Ontario new and used car dealer Tilbury Auto Mall published an infographic last year called “2017 Winter Tire Buying Guide”, which can be seen below and on their blog along with other helpful automotive articles. The guide should provide definitive information for car owners who are still unsure of what kind of tire to get for their vehicle.

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The Costen Insurance Team