Your Insurance Broker!


What is an Insurance Broker?


Many people are not aware of the differences between an insurance agent (someone who works FOR an insurance company, also known as a Direct Writer) and an Insurance Broker who works for YOU, the client.  We thought it would be helpful to list some of the these differences:


  • We represent several different insurance companies and compare your rates and coverage to ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar.
    • Direct Writers have access to one insurance company with only their products and rates.


  • We are able to provide you with advice on claims and make recommendations to you in regards to your policy and coverage.
    • Many Direct Writers will underwrite a policy at the time of a claim, so coverage can be uncertain until after a claim has already happened.
    • When calling to ask advice about a claim, most Direct Writers automatically record the claim on you record.  This means a claim can affect your rating even with a $0 payout.


  • We are a full service Brokerage, meaning we can insure anything that is insurable.  We have relationships with many different insurance companies that are willing to look at unique situations and find a solution.
    • Direct Writers have little flexibility as far as underwriting rules and coverage options (note: many clients from Direct Writers come to us as they’ve been “let go” by their Insurer due to claims frequency or a change in risk)


  • We have a friendly, knowledgeable Team who personally answer the phone and are ready to assist you!
    • Direct Writers often use call centers and voicemail answering services, and you don’t always get to speak with the same person.


Here are some of the other great benefits to working with Costen & Associates as your Insurance Broker of choice!


  • We are a family-run Insurance Brokerage, in business since 1987!




  • We offer on-line quote submissions for Automobile, Property, Motorcycle and Commercial Insurance. You can also quote and bind Travel Insurance right from our website!


  • Our Office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 5:00PM and we are open Saturdays from 10:00AM – 4:00PM.


  • We have a Mobile App and desktop portal that allows you to access your policy documents, print pink cards, review upcoming payments, submit requests, and more!



  • Through our “Customer Referral Program”, we raise money for a new and deserving Charity each year. Our 2016 Charity of the Year is “Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids”.


  • We send out an e-newsletter highlighting our weekly Blog posts and advising of new product information, upcoming events, contests, and more.


  • We have a drop box located outside our front door so that you may drop off signed documents, forms and payments after-hours.


  • We offer the option for you to sign forms and applications via e-signature.


  • We have a Live Chat feature on our website so you can instant message with our Team for any inquiries that you may have.


  • We now offer the option for you to send TEXT MESSAGES to our main number (403-245-2424).


Is there a product or service that we do not currently offer that you would like to see?  Please tell us about it!



Thank you for being a valued client of Costen & Associates,

The Costen & Associates Team