9 Interior Home Maintenance Tips for Spring



The winter weather is finally behind us (fingers crossed) and longer days, sunshine, and green grass are just around the corner! Now is a great time to start thinking about spring maintenance for your home!


As knowledgeable Insurance Brokers, we know that sometimes accidents happen and some claims (looking at you, Calgary hailstorms) are unavoidable. However, the resulting damage of these accidents or claims can be significantly reduced by proper maintenance and precautions. As well, claims such as fire damage can often be completely avoided.


In order to assist you with your spring maintenance and help reduce the exposure to and severity of a loss, we have provided you with a comprehensive list of recommended to-do’s for the upcoming season!


Here are our top 9 interior home maintenance tips for spring:


  1. Clean out your dryer vent, which could potentially save you money on your electricity bill and help prevent a potential fire loss.
  2. Check your washer fill hose for cracks or damage, which could help prevent a water damage loss.
  3. Clean and/or replace your HVAC filters.
  4. Drain your hot water heater (prevents sediment buildup) to prolong it’s life and help save you money on your electricity bill.
  5. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  6. Vacuum your fridge coils (which are located either on the bottom or back of your fridge), as these coils conduct hot air from inside the unit and will cause the fridge to be less efficient if dirty.
  7. Clean and repair screens to windows and doors.
  8. Check your attic for roof leaks, inspect the underside of the roof and insulation for water damage.
  9. Check your basement walls, floor and trim for signs of water leaks or seepage.


Note: If you are unsure on how to complete any of the above tips, we recommend contacting a professional!  Youtube is always a great source of information for those of you who are do-it-yourselfers!



Don’t forgot to check back next week for our 16 exterior home maintenance tips for spring!


Thank you and Happy Spring Cleaning,


The Costen Insurance Team!