The Power of Legal Expense Insurance


Unleashing the Power of Legal Expense Insurance: Your Personal and Business Shield


Legal challenges can strike at any moment, leaving individuals and businesses grappling with unforeseen complexities and mounting expenses. Since the start of the pandemic, the amount of litigation by small businesses in Canada has increased by 34%.  With the average per hour cost of retaining a lawyer currently above $400, costs can spiral out of control very quickly, with no end in sight!


Enter Legal Expense Insurance – a comprehensive solution that fortifies your traditional business insurance. This invaluable coverage not only shields you from unexpected legal expenses but also provides a suite of services that make navigating the legal landscape a breeze.


Imagine having a 24-hour legal hotline at your fingertips, connecting you with real lawyers ready to offer guidance and advice when it’s needed most. This instant access to legal expertise ensures that you can make informed decisions swiftly, without the delays that often accompany legal uncertainties. This comprehensive approach empowers you to handle not only business legal matters but also personal legal matters proactively, saving you time, stress, and potentially exorbitant legal fees.


But the benefits don’t stop there. Legal Expense Insurance extends beyond mere advice, providing services like legal document writing, document reviews, and legal letter drafting. This means you not only have financial protection but also access to practical legal assistance to help you navigate through legal intricacies seamlessly. How would you apply this powerful service to help you save time and money in your business and personal life?


Quick Facts:

  • 7/10 Small business owners said they dealt with at least one legal dispute within the past 3 years.
  • Top three legal topics clients received help with:
    • Civil Law
    • Professional Law
    • Employment Law
  • $720 – Estimated average value of General Legal Assistance provided per Helpline case.
  • Types of documents reviewed:
    • Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney
    • Bill of Sale, Service Contract, Personal Loan Agreement
    • Partnership or Confidentiality Agreement, Letter of Intent
    • Commercial Agreement, Eviction Notice
    • Prenuptial Agreement, Separation Agreement


Get the edge over your competition and contact Costen Insurance today to learn more about how this robust coverage can be tailored to your specific needs. Don’t wait for legal challenges to knock on your door – be prepared, be protected.


Your Costen Insurance Team