The Importance of Good Health


We all know that having good health is important, allowing us to enjoy our time with our family and friends, to fulfill the duties of our jobs, and to carry out our daily tasks. Although eating well, exercise and adequate rest are essential, there are other contributing factors.

Lynita Haaranen of Hidden Valley Health Centre helps individuals with their overall health and well-being by ensuring the continuing health, strength and flexibility of the spine. Your spine connects your central nervous system to the rest of your body, making it instrumental to everything you do. By ensuring good spinal health, you are ensuring good overall health.

Lynita assists those who have been in motor vehicle accidents, those who have incurred sports injuries, those with chronic illnesses and pain and those who just want to stay healthy and reduce the damage of living a stressful life. Lynita, like all chiropractors, works hand in hand with insurance adjusters to help complete forms and injury claims for her clients. She even has direct billing with many major companies. Insurance Adjusters advise their clients on the extent of their coverage and benefits for things like physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic work based on preliminary assessments done within the first ten days of an accident. Once the assessment has been completed, the AB2 Treatment form has been filled out by a professional and the form is approved by the insurance company, patients can receive up to 21 visits. During these visits, it is the duty of professionals like Lynita to return the person to the state in which they were at before the accident. Once all of these visits are used up, a final assessment can be done to see if the patient requires more time. This is also how disability claims are processed.

Hidden Valley Health Centre offers chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, exercise and rehab programs as well as custom orthotics. They can help you to assess where you are at, discuss where you need to be and explain how they can help get you there.

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