The Importance of Good Communication


Most of us are aware of the importance of good communication, whether it be in person, on the phone, or in writing. For small businesses especially, how well they communicate with their clients and potential clients can have a great impact on their overall operations and success.

Costen & Associates would like to introduce Shannon Stucky of Well Said Communications Inc. Shannon helps small businesses with their communications strategy, brand management, content creation and social media. Part of her job is to ensure that a businesses’ website and social media content is accurate, legal and well within copyright laws. With her help, these businesses can avoid legal issues over things like propriety information, libel and trademarked content. It is better to avoid these claims all together, especially on something that could have been avoided through due diligence and clarity. Inaccurate or uninformed opinions stated online can have drastic effects on a businesses’ bottom line.

In today’s information age, where transparency is everything, it is also necessary to ensure that any information that is available to the public is reflecting the small business in the best, and most accurate way possible. A businesses’ brand isn’t just about what they say and how they present themselves, but rather what they are doing and how people are viewing them.

Need to set up a social media platform or complete your website copy? Want to get ahead of the competition through blogging and content creation? Want to start a newsletter? Do a presentation? Or need to rebrand, do some marketing and strategically reach your target audience? Well Said Communications can help. You can read more about what Shannon does at, where you can follow her bi-weekly blog and connect with her on all of her social media platforms. You can also reach Shannon at (403) 998-1405 or at

Thank you!

The Costen & Associates Team