How To Appear Authentic in a Professional Headshot


Thank you to our friend Svetlana Yanova from Svetlana Yanova Photography for this guest post!


Tips to Help Your Headshot Reflect Who You Are

We have all seen those painful portraits of people in stiff postures, looking uncomfortable or just plain cheesy.  Something about the photo feels a little fake and a little forced, when the whole point of having a professional headshot is to market your business effectively and “put a face to a name”.  We want our clients to see us at our best – polished, trustworthy, approachable, but most importantly, authentic.

Your portrait should be an accurate representation of you, and your business.  Clients and potential customers should see your headshot and feel a connection to your brand.

All that from just a photo? Absolutely!


Below are some tips for looking and feeling authentic in your headshot:


Find the Right Photographer

  • Producing a great portraithas more to do with the person behind the camera than you may think. Make sure you find a photographer who you gel with and feel comfortable around! Your images will reflect that energy.
  • It’s all about creating an environment that puts the subject at ease.  An expert will try different locations or backdrops to ensure the best result.  Outdoors, indoors, sitting, standing – anything to bring out a client’s genuine side.


Loosen Up and Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

  • Move your jaw, unclench those teeth and roll your shoulders back. Get up and move around in you start to stiffen and most of all, remember to breathe!
  • Try to enjoy the moment and don’t be afraid to laugh!  Wear something from your wardrobe that you feel great in.  Authenticity comes from feeling relaxed and secure in your own skin. Embrace your individuality and focus on all the amazing things that make you YOU!


Update Your Headshot Often

  • Keep your headshots fresh!  I recommend having a new portrait taken with any big change like growing a beard, coloring your hair, new glasses, or major weight loss. Your headshot should be an accurate snapshot of how you look today.
  • Producing an authentic portrait can be tricky but it’s not impossible.  Go into your session focused on all the reasons you love yourself and what you do!


If you’re ready to get started, I’d love to help!  Contact me today!