Home Service Line Coverage


Most homeowners do not realize that they own and are responsible for the outdoor sewer and water pipes and underground electrical and communication lines that connect from the street to their home.  In the event that services fail, the homeowners may be liable for the maintenance and repair costs, which could be substantial.


Peace Hills Insurance Company has introduced a new product called “Service Line Coverage” which protects you from the unexpected service line failures outside your home.


The following qualify as a Service Line:

  • underground electrical, telephone and cable internet lines
  • underground water piping connecting your home to:
    • a public water supply system, private well, cistern or retention pond
    • a heating system located outside the home
    • underground steam piping that connects from your home to an outdoor heating system
    • ground loop piping that connects to a heat pump
    • underground sewer piping
    • underground drain piping


The “Service Line Coverage” offered by Peace Hills pays to repair or replace underground service lines that accidentally break, leak, tear, rupture, collapse, or arc.  Coverage includes the following:

  • Loss of Use: payment for lodging should your home be made uninhabitable
  • Excavation Costs: payment for cost of excavation needed to expose damaged underground service linesnf9r repair or replacement
  • Expediting Expenses: payment for cost of temporary repairs and the expedition of permanent repair or replacement
  • Environmental, Safety and Efficiency Improvements: if property needs to be replaced, Insurer will pay up to 150% of the original cost to replace it with an equivalent product that is more environmentally friendly, energy/water efficient, or safer to use

The coverage limits available are $10,000 to $25,000 and are subject to the policy deductible.


Please do not hesitate to contact our Office if you have any questions regarding the “Service Line Coverage”, or if you would like a quote to add this coverage to your home insurance policy.


Thank you,

The Costen & Associates Team