10 Home Improvement Projects for the First-Time Home Buyer


There are no words to describe the feeling!


We’re talking about the dozen and one different emotions that you feel in that moment when you are handed the keys to the front door of your first home! Slowly but surely, in the next few days, the realization will dawn on you that a long-held dream of yours has finally come true…


You are now a certified homeowner and congratulations are in order!


But then after some time, an interesting process starts to unfold. The novelty wears off and the home begins to lose its shine. You start to look at it with a more critical eye and suddenly you find that many things are not exactly as you imagined them to be.


When you start to feel this way, you have reached the next phase of your homeownership journey. You are ready to begin the process of transforming the house into a home. Right now, it is someone else’s vision of what their home should look like and it is time to make it into your own.


There’s just one small problem: money. You just spent a ton of that on the down payment for your home and the closing costs for the mortgage. You certainly don’t want to get into more debt overhauling a new home you just paid thousands of dollars for.


You’re thinking a home remodel has to be done. You cannot simply ignore the things that are lacking in your home. Fixing those issues will make the home more beautiful and a lot more comfortable to live in. Moreover, it will improve the value of your property.


Is there a way first-time homeowners can improve their homes, without breaking the bank? Thankfully, the answer is yes and in this post, we will show you some affordable and yet highly impactful changes you can make to your new house. Enjoy as you read!


1.    Fix your home’s major systems

Do not start with cosmetic changes that merely improve the home aesthetically. To get the most value for your money and reduce future spending, focus on the major systems and the main mechanical areas of your home. These include the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and insulation systems.

2.   Repaint the house

This affordable upgrade will make sweeping improvements to the appearance of your home. Repainting the home gives you a chance to fix any damage to the various surfaces of the house. For the best results, in terms of color scheme and job quality, hire a professional painter.


3.    Update your lighting

You won’t get the best results from repainting your home if you don’t improve lighting. Rooms should have sufficient illumination. Lighting fixtures should be both decorative and functional. For the best effect, the lighting should be layered, especially in the living room and kitchen.


4.    Upgrade power outlets and switches

Old browned-out light switches and power outlets will look out of place against the backdrop of your new paint. You can replace them without spending a lot of money. If your home has old two-prong outlets and mono-functional light switches, replace them with modern multi-functional versions.

5.    Replace old hardware

Worn-out hardware on the doors, cabinets, and sinks will diminish the impact of your freshly painted walls and updated lighting. Replace your doorknobs with attention-grabbing new ones. Swap out cabinet handles, pulls, and knobs for new ones. Replace the old faucets on the kitchen and bathroom sinks with modern ones.


6.    Improve the bathroom

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your bathrooms better. Hopefully, you chose a nice color for the bathroom when you repainted the house. To complete the transformation, all you need to do is replace the toilet and install a rainfall showerhead with multiple flow settings and an adjustable spout.


7.    Update the window dressings

The first thing to make your windows look bigger is to remove old window treatments that are crowding the area. Aim to increase the amount of natural lighting entering the home through the windows. Install new minimalist window dressing with modern materials like blinds or bamboo.


8.    Retouch the cabinets and increase storage

The cabinets are probably still in good shape. But you may want to change their colors to match the new wall paint or the kitchen’s lighting scheme. You will also want to expand storage by introducing movable storage and smart storage ideas.

9.    Replace your front door

Your front door plays a huge role in the impression that first-time visitors will have of your home. Replacing the front door will transform the entire entryway. As an alternative, simply repaint the door in bright bold colors. Planting flowers near the door and along the walkway will also make a difference.


10. Show some love to your lawn

If all you do is cut the grass regularly, this already makes a huge impression. Your irrigation system is vital for the health of your lawn. Consider removing some plants to create a less-crowded look. Make sure the exterior lighting properly highlights the features of your outdoor space at night.


Thank you to Liam Watson from the Leenan Group for this guest post!


Do you have any more great home improvement ideas? We’d love to hear them!


Thank you,

The Costen Insurance Team