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What is the general process when working with a broker for insuring your business?

Step 1: Business Information Gathering

During an initial meeting or phone conversation with you, we will collect all relevant business information.

Step 2: Risk Assessment and Coverage Recommendation

Your business information will help us determine what risks your business is exposed to, so we can recommend the proper coverages to protect you. Depending on the type of business we may do a site visit to ensure that all risk exposures are identified.

Step 3: Obtaining Quotes

We will submit the application with the business information you have provided to various insurance companies for quotes.

Step 4: Quotes Comparison & Recommendation

Once we get the quotes back from the insurance companies, we will present them to you. It will include a coverage and rates comparison, as well as our recommendations, to help you make an informed decision on which insurance company you should go for. Remember: We have your Back.

Step 5: Finding Coverage

We’ll confirm with you what coverage you want, which insurance company you want to go with, when you want coverage to be effective, arrange payment and submit binding instructions to the insurance company for your policy to be put in place.

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