Introducing Empower Media TV


We would like to introduce you to our friends and clients, DJ and Lis Perez from Empower Media TV (EmTV)!

EmTV Studios was created with one purpose in mind…to EMPOWER the community by amplifying their voice using the power of Live Stream & Social Media. They offer an online platform where they can help you share your voice in order to create global change. Their vision is to become the world’s LARGEST Live Stream platform, utilizing innovative techniques that create a ripple effect in the world of social media.

EmTV believes everyone has a unique story to share. They offer the EmTV platform as a way of challenging the status quo that live streaming has to offer so that their guests have an opportunity to share their passion with viewers, without any limitations. They currently offer two weekly Facebook Live Segments: What’s Your Story? and Business Series where they feature entrepreneurs, world changers, business owners, artists, musicians, startups, authors and non-profits. Perhaps the best thing about the EmTV segments is that their guests are able to truly present themselves and show their authenticity to the world.

If you have a story that you would like to share with the world, please contact EmTV today at

EmTV is the newest online platform and is well on its way to reshaping the online branding and video industry through brand innovation in order to demonstrate the realism and true authenticity of what bringing the community together has to offer. They believe that by strengthening the community and supporting and empowering others, the live streaming industry will hit ground breaking results. 

Empower Media TV has also been nominated for the KPMG people’s choice award 2018!  To learn more and VOTE, please click here.

Apart from creating a global community with #EmTV, DJ and Lis also enjoy giving back to their community on behalf of their not-for-profit organization, True Beauty Foundation. Through TBF, they empower the community by being available and lending a helping hand to those affected by cancer and other issues. Their annual True Beauty Gala is set for Saturday, October 20, 2018. For more details on their organization, please visit 


We are honored to spotlight DJ and Lis Perez and their wonderful organizations in this post. 

Thank you,

The Costen Insurance Team