Would you eliminate email for your Company to save a few dollars?


Would you consider eliminating your Company email to save money?  Of course not!  Email is an invaluable tool for any organization, and its value is known to be far more than its cost.

Many companies don’t realize that by delaying the inevitable purchase of GPS Tracking for their fleet of vehicles or equipment it is essentially doing away with email – for their mobile assets. Costen & Associates Insurance and Financial Plannign Ltd. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Storm Telematics, a provider of advanced GPS tracking and reporting solutions who backs their products with a $10,000 Recovery Guarantee.

Our vehicles and equipment have a lot to tell us and GPS Tracking Systems by Storm Telematics can keep track of it all for you!

Your Company vehicles and equipment might want to tell you:

  • I’m being used for side jobs and during weekends/evenings for personal usage
  • I’m exceeding the speed limit frequently and recklessly
  • I’m not being used when you’re paying my driver to use me
  • I’m idling excessively and wasting your fuel and money
  • I’m skipping customers or driving out of the way so you can pay more overtime
  • I’m due for an oil change and tire rotation
  • I’m being under utilized and perhaps my owner should sell me
  • I’m operated by an unauthorized user

Storm Telematics’ GPS Systems will send you an email on the above (and more) automatically just by subscribing to regular scheduled reports. Or they can come in real time as alerts and let you and your driver know about the idling, speeding, odd-hours, or inefficient driving behavior.

Or maybe they would only say:

  • My driver is doing a great job
  • Everything is OK
  • Go to sleep and stop worrying for a change…

And most importantly, you get free instant chat with GPS Tracking — you never need to wonder where the vehicle is again, and you can communicate with its driver in real time if desired.

The Return on Investment of having your vehicle email you regularly is something you’ll realize is as invaluable as the email you receive from your peers and associates. Contact us today for more information!

Thank you,

The Costen & Associates Team