Costen & Associates has a new face!


After 25 years in business, Costen & Associates has appointed a new President…

Ok, so I can’t grow a mustache as good as Larry, but I’d like to think that after 15 years I know a thing or two about Insurance and working in our family Brokerage!

Yes it’s true… after 25 years in business and several years of mentoring me, Larry had decided to start enjoying the finer things in life.  Larry and I are both very excited for this transition and opportunity.  He is enthusiastic about travelling more often and he recently joined the Calgary Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) and will be fixing up his 1978 Kawasaki for their upcoming events and next years’ Calgary Motorcycle Show.  There are talks of a possible trip to Arizona and of course, the 5th Annual “Freedom Ride” this July where he and a close group of clients, family and friends hit the open road and explore.

As Larry’s daughter, who grew up seeing how hard he worked to get this business off its feet, I am thrilled to see him taking time for himself.  I also feel very privileged and honored that he has entrusted me with the role of the new President of Costen & Associates.  Working in the family business has given me great opportunities… to further my education in College and University while working part-time, to learn an interesting and ever-changing industry, to build long-term relationships with some amazing clients, friends and associates, to take part in industry events and conferences, and the ability to use my creativity and strengths to better the business.  Most notably, it is through working at Costen & Associates that I met my husband Shawn twelve years ago.  The family business has allowed us the flexibility to raise our two year old twin boys and for me to be there for my family at the same time as having a career… something I sense is a difficult balance for most families these days.

As Larry continues on as mentor and takes on his new role as CEO/Founder, he and I look forward to the possiblities that lay ahead for Costen & Associates and our Team.  In addition to our search to add one more Team member to our Family this Spring, we are excited to endeavor into new marketing and business building opportunities, strengthen our relationships with our existing clients, build our referral base, raise money for our 2013 Charity of the Year… the list goes on!

As the new President of Costen & Associates, I would like to thank you… our clients, friends, family and associates… for all of your love and support over the last 25 years.  May the next 25 years bring you health and happiness in everything you do!


Crista (Costen) Keating