Multi-Policy: Combine and Save


Did you know that there are many benefits to combining your insurance policies together? With all of the different types of insurance and policies that exist, it can often become difficult keeping track of your payments, the names of your Insurance Companies, your policy numbers, etc. By combining your policies together, it helps to simplify your insurance portfolio and also provides you with many other great benefits!



Multi-line discounts are applied to both the automobile and property insurance policy, saving you money.


Additional Coverage:

Many Insurance Companies offer additional coverage at no additional cost to combined policyholders.

The additional coverage, depending on the Insurance Company and where applicable, may include:

  • SEF 20: Loss of Use
  • SEF 27: Legal Liability to Non-Owned Automobiles
  • SEF 43R: Waiver of Depreciation
  • SEF 39: Accident Rating Waiver
  • Conviction Waiver
  • Property Claims Protector
  • And more


One Deductible instead of Two

In the event of a loss that impacts both the automobile and property insurance, such as hail damage, most Insurance Companies will only charge one deductible instead of two.


Combined payment plan

When combining your policies, many Insurance Companies will also offer a combined payment plan so that you have a single annual or monthly payment to make.


Ease of having all of your insurance in one place

By combining your policies together, it allows you to have all of your insurance policies with one Insurance Company and one Broker.  Your policies will renew on the same date each year, eliminating the need to remember multiple renewal dates.


Most Insurers will offer the combination of an Automobile policy with a property policy, such as a Homeowner’s, Condo, Tenant’s, or Mobile Home.  Some Insurers are now also offering the ability to combine recreational risks, including Watercraft, Vacation Trailers, ATV’s and Motorcycles.


There are several types of risks that most Insurance Companies are not able to combine at this time, including stand-alone Rented Dwellings, Farms, and most commercial policies.  As well, in some cases, it may not be beneficial to combine your policies in the event the rates and/or coverage with different Insurers are more suited to your needs.


Personal Umbrella

A Personal Umbrella policy can also be purchased to increase the limits of liability on the Automobile and Property(ies), as well as to provide a greater range of liability coverage. To learn more about Personal Umbrella policies, please visit our other Blog Post here.


If you currently have multiple policies in place and you are interested in combining them, please contact our Office and we would be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary review!


Thank you,

The Costen Insurance Team