Commercial Insurance Offering


Did you know that our Costen Insurance Team is also experienced in advising and providing expert Commercial Insurance coverage to small and medium sized businesses?   In fact, many of our Personal Home & Auto Insurance clients also count on us to protect their business.  And, by bundling Personal & Commercial coverage, they can save time and money!

Even for small and medium-sized businesses, a proper risk management analysis and cost-effective insurance is more complicated than you might think.  But done right by caring professionals, it delivers peace-of-mind and asset protection at an affordable price.  We’re risk management and ‘peace-of-mind’ experts.

Below is a list of some of the types of coverage that a business should consider:

  1. Building and contents
  2. Business interruption insurance
  3. Commercial General Liability
  4. Product or Service Liability
  5. Umbrella Liability
  6. Company vehicle insurance
  7. Key employee and / or succession planning Life Insurance
  8. Health or Long-Term Disability insurance for staff members
  9. Cyber Insurance
  10. Errors & Omissions / Professional Liability

At Costen Insurance our commitment is to coach and advise and to help you when you have a claim…and never to sell you something you don’t need.  As corny as it might sound, we also believe in serving with kindness.  We remove stress…we don’t create it.  That’s who we’ve been for 36 years!

What to expect when you start a conversation with our expert Commercial Insurance Team:

We often receive requests for competitive quotes on businesses existing coverage.  But what we often discover is that they’re under-covered on certain risks, over-covered on others…and not covered in certain areas that they should be.

So, we do a free Insurance Audit to make sure you have the coverage you need.  Then, we quote on that.  There’s a saying in the medical profession that, “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice!”   It’s the same with insurance.  We must determine, with your input and approval, the coverage you need before we can responsibly quote.  Anything else is malpractice.

So, if you’d like to talk with us about Commercial Insurance for your business, or to recommend us to a relative or friend, please reach out to our Commercial Division at 403-245-2424, or by email at  We’ll be delighted to help!

Your Costen Insurance Team, your partners in cost-effective Peace of Mind!