5 Weird and Strange Types of Insurance Policies


We are all familiar with insurance policies that provide protection for your home, vehicles, and businesses.  As an Insurance Broker, we have experience with some unique risks, but even we find the following 5 types of insurance policies a little bit strange…

5. Pet Insurance

While pet insurance itself isn’t all that weird or strange (as many people purchase it for their cats or dogs), there are some pet insurance policies that provide coverage for some unique types of pets!  There are pet insurance companies that will provide coverage for birds and exotic animals, including goats, opossums, potbellied pigs, rats, and sugar gliders, to name a few.


4. Lottery Insurance

Have you ever taken part in a lottery pool at work?  Have you ever wondered what your employer would do if your lottery pool actually won and you all decided to leave your jobs?  Apparently there are insurance companies that will provide insurance for business owners in the event their employee(s) win the lottery!  It helps provide funds for an employer to interview, hire and train a replacement!

3. Multiple Birth Insurance

Do you know anyone who’s had twins or triplets (or more)?  They might wish they knew about this type of insurance policy.  It would have come in handy when I had my twins!  Multiple birth insurance policies are designed to provide a lump sum payment to parents if they deliver more than one baby at a time.  The coverage would need to be purchased very early in the pregnancy before the parents found out they were carrying multiples.

Crista’s twins!

2. Body Part or Talent Insurance

I’m sure most people have heard about Julia Roberts insuring her smile (for $30 million) or Gene Simmons insuring his tonque (for $1 million).  Body part or talent insurance can be purchased to provide a lump sum payment and supplement income in the event the insured body part is damaged, injured or lost.  For example, a wine maker may want to insure his nose (sense of smell) or a violinist may want to insure their hands.

1. Alien Abduction Insurance

This may be the most bizarre (and my personal favorite) of the weird and strange types of insurance policies!  This type of insurance policy is pretty self explanatory.  The catch?  You would need to provide proof of an alien abduction in order to file a claim and receive a payout.  Apparently there have been more than 30,000 alien abduction policies sold by an insurance firm based out of London, UK!

Gumtar the Alien (by Chad Costen)


Weird and strange or not, are there any types of insurance policies that you’d like to know more about?

We’d love to hear from you!

The Costen Insurance Team